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Penny Cheng

Director / Cinematographer

The Penny Ltd is founded by Penny Cheng in 2010 with major Business at TV Commercial Production. We make memorable TVC and also provide innovative creative ideas with professional executions to deliver client’s message in order to accomplish their marketing goals.

Most of our pieces of work are humorous, as we believes that interesting works not only make the audience laugh, but makes a TVC unforgettable. We also make commericals which look authentic, as the true story is the most convincing one.


The clients we have worked with include Watsons’ Isotone, KCR, New World Mobility, Wellcome Supermarket, UA Finance, Ikea and Ocean Park etc.




Hong Kong Youtube 2015

Best ad in Season1 (Frutips)

Effie Hong Kong 2015

Bronze - FMCG (Frutips)

Cannes Lions Health 2016 - Pharma

Bronze  (JJ-man)

Spike Asia 2016 - Healthcare

Silver (JJ-man)

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